Process Reference Model

Whether your organization has entered a Business Process Management journey but is struggling on agreeing the architecture and approach on documenting / designing your processes or you are set to go on a large SAP initiative. Thanks to Business Flows, you can kick start these initiatives with reference content, right away. 

Industry reference model

Business Flows is unlike any other process repository. It addresses industry-specific business cases on an unprecedented level of detail while at the same time remaining simple to understand. We are continuously working on more processes and areas.

 Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Goods, Discrete

End to End Process Flows

End-to- End is the best way to describe business processes. Therefore we have compiled a list of End-to-End scenarios and descriptions for each End-to-End domain describing the complete business process. They represent specific business cases, fulfilling a specific business objective or representing a specific operating model.



BPMN 2.0 + SAP conform

Business Flows supplies you with the complete reference content to be imported into your process repository to accelerate scoping and designing your To-Be design.

Each model contains two main paths, the Happy Flow and the Exception Handling. 

Where the Happy Flow indicates the reference model processing, the Exception Handling supports process workshops as they indicate the essential questions to be clarified prior to a detail design.

Additionally the BPMN contains stewardship documents covering essential  business requirements such as policies, guidelines, risks and controls.

The reference model is ready for SAP S/4HANA implementation and testing in SAP Solution Manager. 

VAlue Flows

Value Flows represent the impact of business
activities and events in Finance and Controlling to trigger the discussion between Operations and Financial and Managerial Accounting. Value Flows enrich process documentation by establishing cross references between key Value Flow topics within a business such as ‘Cost Of Goods Sold’ (COGS), inventory postings, and related E2E scenarios.

Value Management Framework helps business drive process and IT

Our framework is inspired by SCOR performance attributes (strategic pillars) and metrics. Business Drivers represent trending industry hot topics for each strategic pillar. Whereby Value Drivers represent industry practices required to achieve transformation objectives. Last but not least, System Capabilities (SAP S/4HANA) provide the foundation for your solution design.


Let your business process design drive your implementation.

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Process Architecture

End-to-End process flows. Simple 3 level hierarchy. Easy to understand. All BPMN 2.0 conform.

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Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and industrial component industry supported.

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Use Cases

Save 50% of your design efforts. Fit for SAP/IT initiatives. Be prepared and efficient.

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